The Lunar Tree Calender Beth-Luis-Nion

January 9, 2008 at 4:39 am (Nature, Shamanism)



 I thought this may prove as usefull information and so have posted the full Lunar tree calender


Month                                                                             Tree                                           Association

December24-January20                                             Birch                                          Inception

January21-Febuary18                                                Rowan                                       Quickening

Febuary19-March17                                                   Ash                                             Power

March18-April14                                                         Alder                                          Protection

April15-May12                                                            Willow                                        Enchantment

May13-June9                                                              Hawthorn                                  Chastity

June10-July7                                                              Oak                                             Triumph

July8-August4                                                           Holly                                           Glory

August5-September1                                               Hazel                                           Wisdom

September2-September29                                     Vine                                             Joy and Wrath

September30-October27                                        Ivy                                               Ressurection

October28-November24                                        Reed                                             Soveriegnty

November25-December23                                    Elder                                             Death
I hope this is as usefull for you as it has proved to be for me.

Much Love to you all

Danielle Jessica



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New contact details for Peacefull Warrior

October 23, 2007 at 1:44 pm (Bulletins, Contacts)



 Updated contact details

My e-mail address is:

Check that your settings allow me to reply to your comments!

Much Love to you all

Peacefull Warrior


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Coping with Quantum Shift

July 24, 2007 at 3:04 am (Uncategorized)


I would like to share the following article with you. Many I have spoken with have mentioned, at one time or another, how the energy feels diffrent, as if something is about to happen. All have sensed a change and have felt its effect on an energetic level. I hope some of the following may help explain a few things.

by Celia Fenn:

Archangel Michael has asked me to share this information with you, in the interests of assisting you to work with the Quantum Shift that is now taking place. These energies are changing your reality in deep and fundamental ways, and it is the wish of the Angelic realms to assist humans to make this transition in the best possible way.

We would like to emphasize that this transition is different to the Indigo-Crystal transition that most of you have experienced. That energy was an individual awakening that enabled the person to “rewire” their body and activate their lightbody. That work is over, as you as a Collective have reached “critical mass”, that is, enough awakened or Crystal beings to enable the next phase, which is the Quantum Shift.

The Quantum Shift is a Group or Collective exercise in which everybody plays a part. This awakening is being facilitated by those who have already experienced the individual awakening, and the New Children who are bringing in the New Energies to assist the process. You can expect that every single person and being on the Planet will experience the effects of the Quantum shift in some way. Those who awaken now will activate all their lightbodies in this process.

The Quantum shift is about Earth and her population moving to a new level or Harmonic of Experience and Love. The energy that is coming into the planet now may be called “Angelic Fire”, and it is transformative and regenerating. Earth is experiencing a rebirthing by Fire, and it is a joyous and wonderful process. But you may feel some discomfort in the birthing, and so we offer this information to assist your process if you so choose.

The Experiences of the Shift

Physical Experiences: Many of you will feel the incoming energies quite intensely in the physical body. This may feel like an intense electrical energy that runs through the body, especially the arms and the legs. It may flow in currents and waves, and may feel very hot or very cold. You may feel “foggy” in the head at these times, and also very tired to the point of exhaustion.

At these times, the Angelic Fire is moving through your body in a process of “deep healing”. You may feel toxic at these times, since the Angelic Fire is eliminating and removing everything in your body that is “dense” and”toxic”. You are being renewed physically from the “inside”. You are experiencing deep cleaning and healing.

Many people also report tingling sensations on the skin, as well as itchiness and heat on the skin of the arms and legs. Again, this is your body clearing out toxins, since the skin is the primary organ of elimination. Your liver and kidneys will also be very active at this time, and you may experience pains in these areas. Feelings of nausea and diarrhea are also indications that the body is cleansing on a deep level.

When you experience any of these symptoms, it is wise to rest and be peaceful. Sleep if you can. The body needs you to assist it in these processes. Be aware that you are rebirthing a crystalline body, and that you can help by honoring your body and its needs.

As for food, some people will not feel like eating at all, and others will have cravings for certain kinds of food. Allow your body to tell you what it needs, but do not overdo foods that are toxic. Your body still appreciates simple and whole foods at this time.Do not stop eating, food helps to ground you at this time when you may feel like “floating off”.

Emotional Experiences. This area will be something of a roller coaster. Your emotional body may experience upheaval in the deep cleansing process. You may alternate between joy and elation, which are the emotions of the new energy supported by the Angelic Fire, and so-called negative emotions such as anger, fear, confusion and depression. You may feel “stuck” and you may judge yourself.
Remember that the emotional body is also experiencing it own healing into the new levels, and many old emotions of the collective may be activated in you as you work with the collective awakening. Feeling stuck and as if nothing is happening in your life is the effect of having to wait until the rest of the Collective awakens sufficiently for the next phase of the awakening to unfold. It will require patience and acceptance and trust. There is a greater plan and you are contributing to it just by holding your calm center and allowing energies to flow through you.

You are learning absolute trust in a Higher Purpose and your part in its unfolding. Just know that the Higher Dimensions are working to hold this energy with you and that everything is as it should be at this time. Stay positive and focus on being in the Moment and experiencing the joys and blessings of what you have. The Angelic realm is working to ensure that every being that awakens is cared for in this process.

Mental Experiences. This will be a difficult area, as the mind will struggle to come to terms with the nature of a reality that is shifting and changing. Nothing that was “fixed” will be so in the new Quantum reality. The mind may begin to panic, or experience anger and frustration. In some cases, paranoia may set in as people seek for a “reason” for the disintegration of their reality. They may seek to “blame” others in their experience field, or look to “dark forces” that are attacking them. They may seek to vent their angers and frustrations on others.
In these cases, it helps to understand that the energy that is coming in is pure love, and that as it heals it seeks to bring up everything that is not love. So experiences of “negative” energy and fear may need to just flow through you and be released. Remember, only Love is real, and that all else is an illusion. Do not allow yourself to fall into illusions at this time. Focus on what is real. Find the love and the support in your life. It is there if you are willing to see it and accept it for what it is. Each person who moves through the illusions and accepts the love contributes to the awakening into the reality that only Love is real.

Shining the Light
Remember that you are becoming a Crystalline being. As your activate your lightbodies and clarify your crystalline physical form, you are able to hold so much more light!
You can radiate that light out to the Planet. Visualize yourself becoming Light!

Practise Conscious Breathing! Allow yourself to breathe in the Angelic Fire from the Cosmos and breathe it out as radiant energy for the Earth.

Allow yourself to see the Miraculous and the Wonderful in this Quantum Shift.

The Angelic Fire is permeating every aspect of our existence, and we are becoming pure Light while still in our physical forms. This is indeed the whole purpose of the evolution of Humanity, and you are living through the culmination of many lifetimes of work.

It is time to celebrate!

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn

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Encounter with a Wolf Shaman

July 24, 2007 at 2:35 am (Animal totems, Energy work, Meditation, Personal experience, Psychic ability, Shamanism)




 About 7yrs ago I went on an Outward Bound course with a diffrence. It was a camp set in the New Forest where those of us who attended a particular spiritual development centre could be away from life’s distractions and live with nature for a week. We went on moonlit walks, using a way of walking that made you use the energy from the world around you so you never got tired, it worked too. We ate pure foods and detoxed really well.

Each evening we would sit in the big tipee, that all the group made, around the camp fire and do a psychic circle and everyone one would give messeges for others or say what they may have seen psychically. On the last night the course tutor, Tony, went into the shamans hut, again that the group had made from willow, and let his Spirit guide come through. I was actually quite afraid. He let out the most ear piercing scream as he looked up to the moon and then he got down on the ground. He moved, as if he were stalking something, toward the fire. Once he reached the fire he let out a loud, low, rumbling growl. As he did so, steam came up from the ground as he was breathing out. It gave the scene a very eerie feel. Then he stood up and slowly began to walk around the group, stopping at each person and smelling them and checking them over just like an animal. He got to the guy next to me, who was not a nice individual, and spat in his face. I was dreading my turn. Strangely I was the one person he checked over and smiled at. Once he had moved through the group he came back to where he had started, infront of the fire, at sat down on the ground.

For the first time he spoke. “come sit” he said. Everyone looked at each other, no one really wanted to go, as we were not sure who he was talking to. I knew deep inside that he was talking to me. He spoke again and said “You know who Wolf speak to”. Yes, I did know but I was almost paralysed with fear. I stood up and went to sit beside him, in the mud I may add. He shook me by the shoulders and asked me what I saw. I was actually seeing a little fox and told him. He said this was one of my spirit guides and I should call him “Little Fox”. Then he picked up a club like piece of wood that he held to my third eye and made me look through it. It was incredible. It was like I was looking down a tunnel and all these animals were walking up it. As I saw each one he would say “Who is it for” and literally grabed me by the hair and made me look round the group. Strangely I did know who each animal was for and their spirit names.

Next, he got another lady to come and sit with us. He held the stick to my heart chakra and the to hers. He pushed his hand from her end of the stick to mine and asked me what I felt. He had me telling the group all about what had happened to this woman and her attempts at wanting to harm herself. I felt so sorry for this woman but she cried tears of relief. Then he pushed his hands from my end of the stick to hers and asked her what she felt and she said happiness, joy, warmth and love. He said in this way I had healed her. After she sat down he held my head in his hands and looked deep into my eyes for a long time and eventaully said “Hmm, good. Wolf is happy. Bless you”. He then allowed me to go back to my place and he slowly came out of his trance.

It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. I felt utterly honoured to be chosen by this wise, and aeons old, spirit shaman. I remember going back to the dining hall and sitting in silence. People kept coming in asking me if I was ok. The truth of it was, I was in a bit of shock but I would have done it all again in a heart beat. I knew that this was my path, it all felt so right. This is a very short version of the whole account but maybe that is best saved for tales around the camp fires. It is something I dont think I will ever forget and I will always look back on it with very fond memories of a true spirit Wolf Shaman.

Much Love

Peacefull Warrior


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Seeing the Filaments of Life

April 5, 2007 at 1:22 am (Energy work, Meditation, Personal experience, Psychic ability, Shamanism)


written 06/2006

In the last few years I have upped my level of meditation and vered off into the direction of south american shamanism techniques. I have been using my crystals a great deal more and have them along side me as tools. Im not a stranger to the south american shamanism, Toltec shamanism, by any means so I was very suprised when I managed to accomplish something that I believed existed but didnt believe we were able to see. In Toltec shamanism, as well as many other beliefs, it is believed that there threads, or filaments, that connect everything together. If you could analyse just one thread, you would find all the knowledge and history in the entire universe, some believe that this may be where the theory of the Akashic records comes from. Recently scientists have found actual evidence of the filaments in space. These filaments are sometime referred to as webs or threads but it is all the same.

I never believed I would be able to say that I had seen these threads but it now seems that I have. I was in a deep meditative state, my breathing was very slow and relaxed, yet still had a functioning awareness. With a crystal in hand I was calmly looking up at my ceiling allowing myself to feel rather than see. I then saw a very fine, luminous, glowing filament moving very slowly across my face. My eyes followed it as it very slowly moved infront of me and I watched it move into the center of the room. As it did so the thread burst into thousands of these filaments. The light coming from the center of the room was really intense but did not hurt the eyes to look at. The filaments were at every conceivable angle. It was as if my room disappeared and became a ‘web’ of luminous energy. I am disappointed in myself as my first instinct, when all the threads appeared, was to run. The experience was so intense. I found myself downstairs in a matter of seconds literally shaking. Thankfully my Father was there as I began to garble away desperately trying to tell him about it. At the same time it had dawned on me that if the filaments truly existed, then so did everything else.

For me the web would always have been the thing that would prove to me the extent of the energetic world. It would have proved that all the things our friends Don Jaun Matus and Carlos Castaneda had talked about, and said were real, truly did exist. Well thats happened now and my poor little mind is going at full speed trying to take in the fact it all exists!
Maybe this sounds like the ramblings of a mad woman. To be honest I dont care anymore. I have had an experience that I never thought would happen!

I have been on the path of the Spiritual Warrior for over 10yrs and many doors open up along the way, this however is a whole new level. An energetic world within an energetic world. Any old beliefs I had still been holding onto have now been finally blown away, no more holding onto ideas or concepts that are out moded.
Now is the time to ‘let it go’

Much Love

Peacefull Warrior


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The Butterfly Visitor

April 5, 2007 at 1:13 am (Animal totems, Meditation, Personal experience, Psychic ability, Shamanism)


I felt honoured when Butterfly Spirit paid me a visit. It was completely unexpected, a gift to start a new life with. She came at night time into my room in the wood cabin my parents and I were holidaying in. We had chosen to go to Wales, our first family holiday for 25yrs.

There had been a great sense of anticipation for me, that this holiday would be a turning point in my life. I was not sure of why I felt this but I just trusted my instincts. A month before I had just come out of rehab at Haslar Hospital, I was being treated for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or M.E. Now was my time for a physical and psychical detox away from my daily life and home.

I had been nurturing a bond with Butterfly for a few years without much thought as to why. Butterflies and Dragonflies had become power animals for me, my spirit totems, that and Hummingbirds along with another of my totem spirit animals ‘Little Fox’.

I had known ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Little Fox’ for some years but I was only just getting to know Butterfly. She carries many new lessons, gifts and challenges.

We were staying in Laurghane, Wales in a wood cabin on a hillside overlooking the estuary. The area was so beautifull and magical. At the bottom of the hill on the high street lay Laurghane Castle that vibrated with a thousand energies. Despite my M.E and constant leg pain , I ran up many stone spiral staircases to the very top of the castle and then out on to the ramparts that overlooked most of Laurghane and the estuary. This truly was a place of magic and inspiration.

On our first night in the cabin I was having tremendous difficulty sleeping and so indulged myself in reading my books instead. I became aware of a slow, measured, flapping sound like a sheet in the wind. As the sound continued to invade my awareness I put my book down and saw a true image of nature and spirit as one. From the other side of my room came a most beautifull butterfly about the size of my hand. Its colouring was absolutely extraordinary, with strong hues of electric blue, emerald green, onyx black and tropical pink. It was truly like nothing I had ever seen before. The Butterfly crossed the room towards me and very slowly flew over the length of my body. It almost came to halt in mid air and then flew out through the door, and once again into the night time. For me it was a truly magical moment and also one of colour, beauty, spirit, and wisdom.

Butterfly visits often now in various ways, sometimes physically, sometimes symbolically, and sometimes spiritually. I always welcome her into my heart, and home, where she lives forever in my soul.

Much Love
Peacefull Warrior

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How Trauma Created The Shaman In Me

April 5, 2007 at 12:45 am (Mayans, Personal experience, Shamanism, Toltecs)


It is not always easy to give up your old ties to the world and fall head first into the spiritual side of life. Not is it always right for everyone either. I was continuing with my day to day life quite happily, or so I thought, not wanting to give up the many things that I felt were important to me. A part of me knew that I wasn’t quite on the right path but I remained content to continue with healing at a healing centre and giving psychic and mediumistic readings to an audience once a week. I knew that I was so close to where I should be. The final sacrifice of leaving your old world behind, stepping out of the ‘9 to 5’ materialistic world, is such a hard thing to do. When you do, you find yourself grieving not just for your old life but for the things you thought were important, and sometimes the poeple you thought were important too.
The knock for me came when I got ill. I have had M.E, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for about 8yrs but have learnt to live with it.
My final blow came 5yrs ago. This time my life was under threat from a little known foe. I have a very rare genetic illness called VKH, it stands for Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome. The immune system attacks all pigment in the body, the eyes, the inner ear, the lining of the brain and spinal cord, the digestive system, and so on & so on.

One morning I woke up with only half of my vision. All I could see were colours, light and shapes. I was terrified. I went straight to eye casualty centre where they battled to save my sight. My optic nerves were detatching which required injections of steroids into the eye itself. I had 3 injections into my left eye and 4 into the right. I had to be awake at the time to! They doctors then took me into another room where they took lots of photos and scans of the eyes. Luckily for me, a locam from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London happened to be there, it was meant to be his day off. He was a malaysian man, his name was Mr Kok (dont laugh please this man saved my eyesight). Nobody else knew what was wrong and my eyesight was getting worse by the minute. He asked me hundreds of questions about my childhood, my ancestral line, whether I ever found pigmentless hairs or not. I was so confused.
I turned out that the recessive gene that causes the VKH came from my Grandfathers line. We have latin blood in the family and the Spanish ancestor we traced had shipwrecked in Scotland when the Spanish Armarda came here. How bizarre. A gene that hadnt shown up in the family since Marc O Polo times just happens to switch on in me. I couldnt believe it. The syndrome is only usually found in the poeple who used to travel the old ‘Silk Trade Route’. Why I dont know, but thats how it turned up in me.

So, im one of about 10 poeple in the UK with this crazy illness. In the first year that it struck my life became a living hell. I had Meningitis 6 times over three months, this happens when the lining of the brain becomes swollen and is a part of the condition. The pain was truly unlivable. I would lose consciousness quite alot due to the pain, thankfully it means I dont remember very much about the worst attacks. The first attack was one of the worst,my bloodpressure went nuts at 255 over 160, I really thought my head would explode. I couldnt talk due to pain but luckily, as I said, I kept passing out. Over the next 3 months I went from 8 1/2 stone to 18 stone because of the medications. I had to go on a type of chemotherapy to stop my immune system attacking my body which left me with numerous health problems and I had to start using a wheelchair. I had stretch marks appearing so fast that some of them would actually split and bleed. I was a mess. Within a year I was 80 percent bedbound. I couldnt gig with the band anymore, that part of my life had gone and it was the thing I lived for.

Five years on and im about 70 percent housebound which is much better than I was. I dont have to use a wheelchair anymore except for when I am very fatigued, but I still have to walk with a stick. I still need strict rest periods through the day but I am coping better. It would seem that the VKH is now in remission but could easily come back. It usually attacks poeple in their twenties and poeple in their fifties. My eyes are now healed and, although I have been left with some blank spots of vision, my sight is almost back to normal and all the scarring has gone.

Sitting in hospital beds taught me alot about life. I got the crash course on what is truly important in life. So many of my beliefs or ideas on how you should live your life were blown apart. I started to listen to what my body was telling me, and what my subconscious was trying to say. I was already spiritual but now I explored my own personal beliefs instead of trying to fit in with someone elses. I thought I was alone in my ideas until I came across the Toltec shamans of meso-america. All their ideas and beliefs fitted with mine rather than me trying to fit with them. The Mayans came after the Toltecs and some chose to continue with their religion (for want of a better term) in the form of the priests and priestesses. Thanks to them the Toltec way of being was rescued and is still practised. The only famous known followers of Toltec ways I can think of are Don Jaun Matus, the man who trained Carlos Castaneda, and Victor Sanchez who has written many books, also Florinda Donner, a female shaman and author, and Don Miguel Ruiz who has written books such as Beyond Fear: A Toltec guide to Freedom and Joy. Teotihuacan, “the place where men become gods,” is the sacred center of the Toltecs, thirty miles northeast of Mexico City. The Toltecs retained and passed down through oral tradition secret knowledge of healing and spiritual transformation which has remained intact for thousands of years. Traditionally the word Toltec defined a group of poeple who achieved a rarified level of spiritual enlightenment. They became known as The Toltecs.

Most who follow a path akin to Toltec shamanism have been through a major trauma of somekind, and in the fifth year of that trauma the person becomes aware of the Toltec way. No one quite knows why but it has been long documented and even researched. I am in the that fifth year and it was this year that I found the Toltec way.

Life has some strange avenues, twists and turns, most of which are meant to be. Some we can change and some are our destiny. Most of us sleepwalk our way through life but some of us, if we choose to ‘wake-up’, get to open our eyes and really see the world and its energy.

Much Love
Peacefull Warrior

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Welcome to the Toltec path

April 4, 2007 at 3:04 pm (Aztecs, Mayans, Shamanism, Toltecs, Welcome)


I would like to welcome you to the Toltec path. The Toltecs are spiritual warriors, infact they reffer to themselves as warriors.

Toltec warriors are shamans from an ancient philosophy pre-dating the Mayans and the Aztecs. Their beliefs and philosophies were adopted and kept alive by both of the civilizations and so have been brought into the present day with most of their knowledge, lessons and techniques intact. Amazing considering the invasions and wars taking place around them. Toltecs are warriors fighting their own battle wthin them selves.

Their aim is to be able to free themselves from the domestication of man. Most of us sleepwalk our way through life following a set programme that we all have. Living the life of a Toltec is about learning how to turn that programme off!

So, what do you think? Are you still following your programme! One of the hardest steps for us humans is the realisation that the world around us is but a reflection of ourselves. We only see, feel and think what we know. After that we bring the shutters down to keep out any unknown thoughts or ideas. We actually wear blinkers as a lifestyle choice. You do, however have the choice of pushing past the shutters and taking off the blinkers. It is by no means an easy choice. You must decide to shake up your world in order to do so. For some people life is just much easier to stay in the arm chair and watch the television, after all that is how we update our programme isnt it? We sit infront of the Television and download the latest add-ons and up-grades. Spending so much time perfecting your programme cant leave much time for finding out who you really are can it?

So, are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole?

Like I said, welcome to the Toltec path!

Much Love

Peacefull Warrior


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